jojoflynn whispered : oh and because I'm dumb I actually wanna do that "TBH" thing you reblogged soooo tbh I think you're really cool because of your Top tier taste in games and animoo and I hope we can become good friends :)

Hey man yeah! Let’s talk more! You’re pretty awesome yourself

ourpsychommunity whispered : tbh I never thought we'd grow as close as we did, because I'm awful at making friends and I'm awful at staying in touch. However, I'm super glad that we DID end up hanging out more, and I am incredibly grateful to have you as my friend, AND I REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO HAVING THE FRINDLE PAD BE A THING AND SEEING YOUR CUTE LIL FACE ALL THE TIME AND BEING ABLE TO GANG UP ON BLAKE AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE.

DARKE I’m literally tearing up reading this….

nopaintrequired whispered : NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE! once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and send this to 10 of your favorite followers!

Oh this is going to be hard…

1. I like that I try to help others
2. Also I try my best to be selfless so that’s something I like about myself I guess
3. I like that my hair is usually a bright weird color like pink, blue, purple, silver etc.
4. I try to be friendly. Even if someone dislikes me I try to be friendly with them
5. Uh.. People think I’m attractive even though I don’t agree but I mean that means I’m not repulsive so yay?